Episode 14: Circe Wallace - Living a Meaningful Life


Circe Wallace is a woman you want in your corner. She’s walked an incredibly unique path through this life and has so much to share. Throughout her life, Circe has worn many hats. She was an early pioneer in the women’s snowboard movement as an athlete and she now represents some of the biggest names in action sports as the VP of Action Sports & Olympics for Wasserman Media Group. But that’s not all, she’s an entrepreneur (twice over), a producer, mother, and advocate for social change.

In this episode You’ll Learn:

  • The unforeseen cost of living a meaningful life

  • How mindfulness is necessary for rebellion

  • Why it’s important to make peace with the patriarchy while working to change it

  • How to take responsibility for the changes you want to see in the world

  • The challenges of being a pioneer in the cannabis industry

  • How becoming a mother has allowed Circe to live a richer more spiritual life


“I feel comfortable speaking my truth, which comes at a cost.”

“I was always inherently kind of cocky. I overcompensated any insecurities with confidence, just intrinsically thinking that is how I can be great.”

“I really have to stay in a daily mindfulness practice to not be completely mortified or shaking in my boots, literally every day, with what is being asked of me or what I’ve asked of myself.”

“To be successful in today’s times, as a woman in business, I don’t know any other way but to make peace with that reality [of the patriarchy].”

“In the board room or in the c-suite, we just need more women that have a seat at the table to help have these kinds of conversations and make sure that we continue to be progressive.”

"We need to teach our children to be looking for things that are really meaningful and not just about how you look.”

“What is the real tangible work that we’re doing? You can’t just project out your perfect life. You have to be DOING something. Whether that’s making art or working really hard in marketing or sales or any of those areas that are elevating your own experience and not just ‘hey, look at me.”

“I’m a really closer. I know how to land a client and I know how to make it rain.”

“The opportunity that cannabis provides for individualized medicine is really interesting because we’re all totally unique. Certain things work for you and certain things don’t work for you and we need to get more refined in our approach to healing.”

“You have to allow yourself to live a life without boundaries, because the minute you put boundaries on it is the minute that it no longer becomes interesting.”

“I’m basically totally petrified, but that’s why I do it.”

“I’m humbled and brought to my knees everyday by the journey of parenting.”

“I saw that my experience would allow them some relief from some of the more mundane aspects of the business that would allow them to pursue their dreams with reckless abandon. And that is how I parent.”

“I’m definitely a byproduct of the belief that anything is possible if you’re willing to do the work.”


Thought Experiment:

We talked a lot about fear as a motivator in this episode. Fear of change, fear of uncertainty, and sometimes even fear of no change can be powerful influences on our decisions in life.

Has fear ever motivated you? What was the outcome of that experience?

Getting comfortable with conquering your fears is a really powerful thing. Every time you overcome a fear, you become a stronger more confident version of yourself. (See Episode 1: The Interplay Between Fear & Confidence).

One of Kristi’s favorite quotes has always been, “face your fears, live your dreams.” So, we must ask: what is fear holding you back from in life? Let us know below, we’d love to help you take one step closer to that fear to create the life of your dreams.