Episode 6: Female Equality in Sport

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This week on the podcast, Kristi & I take on the task of discussing a complex topic: the pursuit of female equality in sport (and life). Our goal is to explore the path to achieving equality for women in sports. Simply put, we want more women & girls to play sports and strongly believe that fighting for equality for professional female athletes is a major part of the solution.

We begin this episode by explaining the vast benefits of women & girls’ involvement in sport. Then, we define what sports are & how equality can be evaluated in more than one way. What are sports? Why were they created? Who made the rules? What is equality? Finally, we share ways that we can all play a role in the mission to gain female equality in sport.

We also want to make it clear, we’re not encouraging women to sit on their asses and demand equality arbitrarily. Instead, we’re encouraging women to get out and try to become the best they can at whatever sport (or endeavor) they take on. We’re encouraging women and girls to show up, be seen & know that they can be part of the change.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why women & girls’ participation in sports has life-altering benefits

  • The difference between absolute equality and relative equality in sport

  • Why the argument “we can do what men can do” is dangerous

  • How the world’s highest paid athlete may not be the “absolute” best

  • The discrepancy between male & female representation in the media


“We have to be our own biggest advocates.” - Kristi

“Glass ceilings don’t fall by themselves.” - Kristi

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