Episode 2: Dr. Kevin Stone on How to Train for the Sport of Life

Our guest this week is Dr. Kevin Stone, a cutting edge orthopedic surgeon at The Stone Clinic in San Francisco. Dr. Stone has issued approximately 50 US patents and is constantly innovating the field of sports medicine.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Stone’s best advice for facing any injury

  • What types of people have the most successful recoveries

  • The reason we should all be training for the sport of life

  • The four rules his family lives by everyday

  • Why we hope that everyone has daughters

We were so fortunate to spend this hour with Dr. Stone and know that you’re going to walk away with a renewed outlook on the relationship you have with your body & the possibilities for your athletic potential.

About Our Guest:

Kevin R. Stone M.D. is an orthopedic surgeon at The Stone Clinic and the Chairman of the Stone Research Foundation. He has lectured around the world as an expert in cartilage and meniscal growth, repair and replacement. Dr. Stone has pioneered new ways to address biologic joint replacement and recently developed the robotic center at The Stone Clinic in San Francisco for outpatient partial and total knee replacements. He developed the first collagen scaffold for re-growing the meniscus cartilage (CMI), the first techniques for replacing the meniscus in an arthritic knee, the first method to humanize animal tissue for use as ligaments in ACL replacement (Z-Lig now approved in Europe), the first stem cell articular cartilage paste graft for re-growing articular cartilage inside injured joints, and the first glucosamine beverage for joint health (Joint Juice).

His work has led to multiple awards, publications, grants, approximately 50 issued US patents and multiple start-up companies. As an orthopaedic surgeon, he has served the U.S. Ski Team, the U.S.Pro Ski Tour, the Marin Ballet, the Smuin Ballet, the modern Pentathlon at the U.S. Olympic Festival, U.S. Olympic Training Center, and now for the newly launched World Pro Ski Tour. He is a weekly columnist for the San Francisco Examiner which becomes a blog at www.stoneclinic.com/blog  and recently published a book of these articles called “You, Only Better” which is about to be released as an audiobook and podcast. He was trained at Harvard in internal medicine and orthopaedic surgery and at Stanford in general surgery, did his sports fellowship with Richard Steadman and a visiting research Fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery.


"I see injury as an opportunity for an athlete to return better than they ever were."

"When approaching recovery, see yourself as an athlete in training, not a patient in rehab."

"It's not just about winning, it's about being able to play the game for a long time."

"There are four things you have to do everyday: educate yourself, contribute to the world, be a good person, and have fun."

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