Episode 10: Kimmy Fasani - Motherhood in the Mountains

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About Kimmy Fasani:

Kimmy learned to love the snow early – skiing at age 2 and snowboarding by age 9. She quickly found that her fearless approach to life fit perfectly with her passion for snowboarding. While the early part of her snowboarding career was focused on competition, she ultimately found her true passion in the backcountry.

In 2011, Kimmy became the first female snowboarder ever to land a double backflip in both the park and the powder, a landmark achievement in the history of women’s riding. She was one of three professional women selected to film with Standard Films, resulting in her own full segment in ‘TB20’. In 2011, she nabbed Snowboarder magazine’s coveted Ms. Superpark standout award. In 2012, she was nominated for three coveted industry awards, including ‘Women’s Rider of the Year’, ‘Standout Performance of the Year’, and “Women’s Readers Choice” from the 13th annual TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll.

Kimmy has done it all in the sport from gracing magazine covers, to hosting signature events, and filming standout video segments, Kimmy constantly pushes the level of women’s freestyle riding in the backcountry. This culminated in December of 2016, Kimmy was nominated for Women’s Rider of the Year and Women’s Video Part of the Year by the Transworld Snowboarding Magazine (Twsnow) Riders Poll for her segment in AfterForever. Kimmy was awarded the very prestigious title of Women’s Rider of the Year from Twsnow for her segment and for giving back to snowboarding through her Amusement MTN event! She was also recognized by her peers at Snowboarder Magazine for Women’s Rider of the Year and Women’s Video Part of the Year in early 2017.

Kimmy Fasani is a household name in the snowboard industry. She’s set a precedent for what it means to be an athlete, advocate, and ambassador by shattering glass ceilings throughout her 16-year pro career. Kimmy was the first woman to do a double backflip in the park and in the backcountry, she is the mastermind behind the Amusement Park and Amusement MTN events, and in 2016, her talents were acknowledged as she won “Rider of the Year” for her standout video part in Absinthe Films’ 2016 film, AfterForever.

But none of this came without adversity. From a devastating knee injury that doctors indicated would be the end of her athletic career to losing both of her parents to cancer, Kimmy has always embraced the obstacles in her path.

So in 2017, she and her husband, pro skier, Chris Benchetler, decided to embark on the greatest adventure of their lives: parenthood. Inspired by her mother’s death, she recognized the importance of starting a family of her own, a risky move considering very few women in action sports maintain their sponsor's support in this transition. She's not only leading the charge on her snowboard, but she's now paving the way for other female action sports athletes to balance motherhood and their careers.

IN this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to accept the present moment and develop a Buddhist mindset

  • The power visualization has on achieving the impossible

  • Kimmy’s process for embracing the highs and lows of life

  • How to balance motherhood and your career [athletic or otherwise]

It was such an honor to have Kimmy on the show. The opportunity to learn from someone who has experienced so much in their life is not to be taken lightly. We know you’ll love this episode with Kimmy as much as Kristi & I enjoyed recording it. So let’s get started.


  • We don’t have to choose when our passion ends. Let’s continue our passion & just let it look different.

  • You can’t force something that’s not a passion

  • It’s completely humbling to try to parent.

  • It’s pretty incredible how being transparent makes us more relatable.

  • I think it’s really important for other women and families to see that this is OK!

  • For me, loss is part of my identity and I wouldn’t be who I am without it.

  • Our struggles do not define us, they build us.