Episode 7: Lindsey Richter - You Can’t Have Courage if You Don’t Feel Fear

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About Our Guest:

Lindsey Richter, the founder and Director of Inspiration for Ladies AllRide, has a mission: change women's lives with two wheels and some dirt. Of all her wild life experiences it was mountain biking that taught Lindsey life is about CREATING yourself, not finding yourself. Now as a world-renowned leader in the women's mountain bike movement, Lindsey spreads her passion for mountain biking across the globe through innovative and inspirational skills camps.

She knew from experience how intimidating it can be to go beyond your comfort zone and feel left behind. In 2012 she became determined to find ways to be a voice of encouragement to invite more women into the sport. She began realizing through her own experiences on the bike that mountain biking is a lot like life with ups and downs, finding balance and overcoming challenges.

Once she learned that accomplishments on the bike related to self-esteem and life, this inspired her to educate more women about the beauty of the sport, which led to the Ladies AllRide movement.

This week’s guest is one-of-a-kind. Lindsey Richter is the founder and Director of Inspiration for Ladies AllRide, a women’s mountain bike clinic series that travels the US. Her larger-than-life personality may have gotten her into trouble on reality television (Season 3 of Survivor), but has allowed her to lead women into personal transformation on their mountain bikes. Lindsey goes deep in this episode and gives us a whole new perspective on growth through pain and suffering.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The dark side of reality television

  • How to reclaim your mental health through challenging sports

  • How mountain biking teaches you to stay in the present moment

  • The most inspirational transformations that Lindsey has seen through mountain biking


“I had two very distinct sides. I had this weak side that didn’t know how function if I was criticized and I had this strong side that was like “I can do anything.” And I saw the battle between those two sides through my bike.”

“Once I learned the method-to-the-madness in mountain biking, I started seeing how it related to life.”

“No one taught me that life is like a sport, you have to practice and you have to work at it to get better.”

“The suffering that we do in sport, whether it be sweating it out or muscles burning, or dealing with injuries and recovery, that really prepares us to suffer emotionally.”

“Pain equals growth, pain equals change, pain equals peace. And I do embrace it.”

“Finding joy in pain only leads to growth later.”

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