Episode 3: Rachel Pohl On Deciding & Pursuing

Ho.Ly. This week's guest was such a pleasure to have on the show!! Rachel showed up, fully available & ready to share the insights into what makes her world go round. She has carved a unique and prosperous niche for herself as an artist & outdoors-woman.

Rachel has blended her multiple passions into a viable platform from which she creates the change she wants to see in the world. At only 25, Rachel is wise beyond her years and we are fortunate to learn from all she has to offer!

In this episode You'll learn:

  • How to ignore the nay-sayers

  • Knowing what you want to do in life doesn't mean it's a walk-in-the-park

  • How to avoid getting struck by lightening on Denali

  • Who's officiating her wedding

  • Her strategies for managing time (and sanity) on Instagram

This was such a fun conversation for the three of us to have! We unlocked a whole new level of respect for what it takes to be an artist, an entrepreneur and an activist.


about our Guest:

Rachel Pohl is an artist, adventurer, humanitarian & environmentalist. She fiercely believes in pursuing a life outdoors in effort to create artwork that will enhance our lives.

Rachel fills each and every day with a determination to do more, be kinder, help our planet, create, treat her body well, and smile as much as possible. She uses her platform to empower others, especially women, to get outside and out of their comfort zones.

Each of Rachel's prints are hand-trimmed and packaged. She uses 100% recycled cardboard backing & mailers and asks that her customers recycle the materials when the print has made its way home. Her respect for the environment compels her to work with other companies who understand the importance of locally made goods, recycled materials, and minimal packaging to bring you the rest of the products in her store.


"It's not about knowing, it's about deciding and pursuing."

"It's all about doing what you ACTUALLY want and not comparing yourselves to other people."

"You have to put in thousands upon thousands of hours and you're probably gonna cry. Because, like anything, if you're trying to make yourself really learn and grow it's going to be a suffer-fest."

"I really can't stress enough how much of life and the things we do are not something that comes easy, but something that we really want and are willing to fight for."

"Instagram, especially, we can use for good or we can use to break down and destroy our self-esteem and sense of self-worth."

"It's really all about connecting with people, being vulnerable, being open and honest and sharing stories."

"Life is what happens outside of Instagram."

"I find my confidence from my independence and my ability to create the life I want."

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