Episode 12: Sarah Herron - A Course in Confidence

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This week we have the pleasure of sharing Sarah Herron with all of you! If you’re a reality TV fan, her face may look familiar from her time on The Bachelor. But, that show was just the beginning for Sarah and the impact she’ll bring to this world.

Sarah Herron is a Colorado native who gained her notoriety on ABC’s The Bachelor for being the first contestant with a physical disability. Sarah was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, but it hasn’t stopped her from climbing mountains, skiing double black diamonds and even searching for love on television.

It was the outreach of young women who watched and related to Sarah on the show that inspired her to start the nonprofit, SheLift and A Course in Confidence. Sarah wants to share with other women that whether it's on the slopes, on a trail or on a show... finding love is possible, and it starts with loving yourself.

In this episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why a successful career is sometimes not enough

  • How The Bachelor led Sarah back to her true self

  • Finding your self-worth by stepping outside of your comfort zon

  • How to alleviate the pressure of dating

  • How to find true confidence when false confidence fades

  • Why it’s so important to create a mission statement for your life


Sarah, on leaving 72 & Sunny: “I knew I could always go back. Nothing is ever permanent.”

“I wasn’t feeling fulfilled with my authentic potential and the story I had to share.”

“This is going to be healing for me and I know that by doing something that scares me pants-less right now, it’ll help me in the long-run.”

“I would go out with my friends and then, all of sudden, since the pressure of meeting a guy had been eliminated, I felt more free. I felt like I could be myself because there wasn’t this intense pressure to go home with a guy’s phone number that night.”

“You just want to say yes to everything once you see the benefits of stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing something you thought was impossible.”

Thought Experiment:

What are your core values? If you’ve never thought about this before & don’t know where to begin, here’s a quick prompt:

  1. Get out a pen & paper.

  2. Write down five (or more) meaningful experiences from your life. What was happening? What were you feeling? What values were behind those experiences?

  3. Write down five experiences where you were angered or upset. What was happening? What values were being threatened or compromised?

  4. Once you have a list of these values, you can begin to hone in on which are the most important drivers in your life. Start with Value A and then ask yourself if it is more or less important than Value B, C, D, etc. Go down the list one by one, until you have them in priority order.

We prefer to draw from our own experiences to find these core values so that we’re not influenced by our “ideal values.” Ideal values are those we’ve adopted from other people in our lives that we want to be true, but aren’t genuinely important to us. But, if you’re really feeling stuck, you can reference a core values list like this. Just glance over it, see which words jump out at you, and then evaluate if you have experiences in your life where you’ve been driven by them.

So, what did you come up with? Let us know below. And, if you’re looking to take this work deeper and get in alignment with these values, consider one-on-one coaching with Jen. You can book a complimentary mini-session here!