Episode 5: Sierra Quitiquit - Tomorrow is Not a Promise

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You ever come across one of those people that you just get wrong? Sierra Quitiquit is one of the most misunderstood women in the ski industry. All too easy to dismiss her talents and work ethic because of her stunning looks and laid-back vibes. (Shame on us.) It’s been an honor to get to know Sierra over the last couple years & it’s even more of a privilege to share her story with you.

To put it frankly, Sierra has been through some SHIT in her life. Through it all, she has managed to maintain a grounded, positive, and grateful perspective on the gift of life. She’s learned to use her heart as her compass, has worked her ass off for her successes and is here to tell us how we can too.

What you'll learn:

  • How Sierra's learned to make everyday great

  • How the modeling industry and ski industry differ in their value of females

  • Why (and how) Sierra took storytelling into her own hands

  • What body positivity is really about

  • How sports can help us love our bodies

About our guest:

Sierra Quitiquit is a professional skier, model, surfer and yogi but beyond that she is a filmmaker, environmentalist and body positive advocate. Born and raised in Park City, UT, Sierra grew up in a one bedroom apartment in her family of 6. She has risen through great adversity to stay centered and focused on her dreams.

Sierra’s skiing endeavors have been featured in three Warren Miller films, Sweetgrass Productions: Valhalla and a feature documentary called, How Did I Get Here. Her modeling has been featured in campaigns for American Eagle, Levi’s, Sephora, Lululemon, Ralph Lauren and more.


"You don't know if you want to trade your bag of problems for someone else's bag of problems."

"Nothing's a guarantee, tomorrow is not a promise. Let's make every day great."

"Perspective is really important in this world. And when we get caught up in talking about other people and being negative and feeling like we're lacking in ourselves, there's really a broader approach to look at the whole scope of life."

"Gratitude is the ultimate."

"All I wanted my whole life was to ski and be an athlete. And coming from that place of drive and tenacity and aggression. I wanted to lay down lines and I wanted to be respected for my performance and I wanted to be paid!"

Follow Sierra:

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  • Film: How Did I Get Here From humble beginnings, complex family dynamics and tragic, life-changing events, to her unlikely rise to success in two very different worlds: fashion modeling and professional skiing. “How Did I Get Here” is a coming-of-age story, full of adventure, exploration, heartbreak, growth and inspiration.