Episode 20: Stephanie Dankelson - Feeling At Home In Your Body

Stephanie Dankelson.jpg

About Steph:

Stephanie Dankelson is a body acceptance coach, podcast host & writer on a mission to flip diet culture on its head. She is passionate about helping high achieving women end their battle with food so they can discover what it means to feel at home in their bodies.

From the age of 14, Stephanie struggled with disordered eating, exercise addiction, and body image issues which lead to over 10 years of seeking externally for approval, endless perfectionism, and feeling disconnected who she wanted to be on this earth. It wasn't until she learned what it meant to drop out of her head and into her body to truly understand her worth that she was able to start healing and feel whole again.

Stephanie is now helping others learn how to not only feel freedom around food, exercise, and their bodies but deeply know their worth through 1:1 coaching, online courses, and her podcast Move with Radiance. 

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Steph’s process for learning to recognize our self-worth

  • Why dieting doesn’t work

  • Why what we’re chasing is a feeling, not a result

  • The dangers of playing the “when/then game”

  • What “intuitive eating” really IS and what it is NOT

  • How to start trusting your body

  • The power of exploring long-held self-limiting beliefs

  • How to turn obstacles into action steps for you dreams


  • “If you’re chasing freedom, if you’re chasing connection, if you’re chasing abundance, how can you activate that feeling in your body right now? Because that’s possible.”

  • “A lot of people view acceptance as ‘giving up.’ It’s not giving up. It’s accepting where we’re at right now, coming from a place of love and then still setting goals that we want to achieve for ourselves, but our success is no longer placed in the end-result.”