Episode 17: Taylor Killian - Purpose is what Gets you Through

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About Taylor:

Taylor Killian is a 35-year old native from Ogden, Utah and a co-founder of the adventure collective, AndShesDopeToo. As a husband and father of four, Taylor especially loves raising his children in the outdoors and on the Wasatch. He is an accomplished realtor with multiple professional achievement awards in northern Utah and still works by referral on occasion.

From his younger years Taylor dedicated much of his time, talents and energy to serve his community and those abroad. He is an Eagle Scout and a the age of 19 served a two year gospel/service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There, he became fluent in the Spanish language and grew a deep love for the Costa Rican (Tico) people.

Upon returning, he was hopeful to play basketball for the University of Utah but shattered his ankle while attempting to walk on. One day after his surgery, Taylor met his wife and business partner Jenn, who he cherishes deeply. Taylor is a for-hire adventure photographer and first-time filmmaker, producing and co-directing the multi-award winning AndShe’sDopeToo film, Moksha- Freedom Through the Mountains, a film which has now been seen by tens of thousands of people around the globe. He has also helped manage and create two successfully ASDT Kickstarter campaigns, one of them being for the above mentioned film.

In addition, Taylor has also lead many grassroots efforts like the “Raise Nepal” campaign which raised and donated all profits to 4 Nepali women who received their entire post/prenatal training and instruments to care for birthing women in the difficult and sometimes extreme circumstances that exist in their rural communities of Nepal. Today he continues as the Chief Creative Director for AndShesDopeToo and the Lady Wild Film Festival. Taylor values his family above all else and feels his greatest accomplishment is his successful marriage of 12+ years.

This week we have the honor of introducing you to Taylor Killian! Taylor is the co-founder and creative director of And She’s Dope Too, a world-wide adventure collective of women that he and his wife Jenn started. Their mission is to connect people & planet with perspective & purpose. They’ve done this by completely stripping away the compare-and-compete culture that is so prevalent in our media today. ASDT encourages women from all walks of life and of every ability level to get out with them. They’ve created rendezvous & retreats that allow women to feel 100% comfortable in their own skin while trying new and exciting things.

Taylor is also the father to four kids, a photographer & filmmaker and the Creative Director for And She’s Dope Too and Lady Wild Film Festival. We’ll dive into all the details of these endeavors in our conversation. Today’s episode may bring you to tears (as it did me), while Taylor shares how he balances family, business, community, and giving-back. He’s a true example of how to leave the world better than you found it & it’s an honor to have him on today’s show. With no further ado, here’s Taylor!

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • How Taylor (& wife, Jenn) balance adventure while raising 4 children

  • Why Taylor considers AndShesDopeToo to be his Phoenix Rising

  • The importance of having a true north in life and business

  • How to create community that is truly welcoming to all

  • How to navigate outdoor adventures with your significant other

  • What ASDT is doing to support the mountain bike culture for women in Nepal

  • Why you have to believe in yourself before others will believe in you


“I seek purpose so much more than happiness. Happiness is, in a lot of ways, fleeting and has so many attachments to it, but purpose is constant. And when you have that purpose and times are rough and nasty and nothing looks attractive, purpose is what gets you through.”

“We know we have to stick to our true north and make sure we’re in alignment with what we set out to do in the beginning.“

“I’m hopeful that what it [long-form conversation] does more than anything is make us realize how similiar we really are. And maybe cut, not only ourselves, but other people a little slack.”

“If you believe in what you’re doing, it may not come the way you expect it, it may not have come the way that you want it, but none of those lessons would have been learned through the hard if we wouldn’t have stuck with it.”