Episode 1: The Interplay Between Fear & Confidence

This week on the podcast, Kristi and I sit down to discuss the interplay between fear & confidence. There's no denying that fear can be a dominant force in our lives. But throughout our years of competing, training & pushing the limits, we've realized the benefit that comes from facing our fears. Fear is like the ironclad lock on a vault full of gold. When you can break through fear, a rich & fulfilling life awaits.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Why we think it's so important to push the limits

  • Why broadening your perspective is essential to success

  • Where we find our confidence to face life's challenges

  • Why the only thing you have to fear is not experiencing life to the fullest

  • Why a willingness to try new things leads to success

Thought Experiment:

When do you feel most confident? When do you feel the most fear? How can you use your confidence to transcend that fear? 

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