I sit at the end of a row of cold plastic seats, high backs, thin metal arms, keeping me upright as I await the SeaBus to take me across the Harbour. The sky is grey and overcast, frigid moisture hangs in the air like a weight trying to suppress one’s will.  But such heaviness cannot dampen me.  I have found an ease and flow in life lately that seems to allow me to move freely from one moment, one opportunity, to the next- a current that carries me up around the bend.  A few months ago when I tore my ACL, a time when most would have felt unease, I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace and calm, a faith, if you will, in what was to come.  There have been many moments, since then, that have left me in awe; stunned at how the universe* can take care of you if you follow the path it subtly paves before you.  It's as if the universe lays bricks before you and each step you take upon them solidifies the path.  Which brings me here, now, inside the warm Sea Bus at the end of a row of padded seats, each equipped with a life vest tucked beneath.  Floating across the Harbour, traveling with the current, so I can take some solidifying steps toward my future. Sunset over the Harbour.

The approach to North Vancouver on the SeaBus.


*Written while on my way to attend a course on Adventure Journalism at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. "The Universe," I realize feels a bit new agey, perhaps you have a belief in God, perhaps you have a belief in nothing, but I have yet to find the appropriate words for my beliefs... "The Universe" expresses an entity or energy larger than we humans, which I do believe exists.