New Zealand Day 4?

Well, I'm still in New Zealand.  There hasn't been much skiing in the past few days.  Unfortunately, skiing is an outdoor sport ;-)  Just kidding, but really- it's spring down here and we thought that it would be done snowing- it's not. Two nights ago it snowed a foot in the mountains, and though it turned into a sunny day, the pipe and airbag weren't going to be up and running.  The airbag needed to be dug out by hand (it was deflated and a cat would have destroyed it).  And then there's the pipe, which can only be cut every other day, since the resort is closed.  We made the most of it and went to Physique- a local gym that has been kind enough to give us a great deal on access for our time down here, and managed to expend the majority of our pent up energy.

Late last night the rain came back to Wanaka at full force, thankfully it is snow in the mountains.  The town is very quiet right now and there is a laziness in the air that seems almost unescapable.   Team America (Tucker Perkins, Walter Wood, Matt Philippi, myself and our coach Elana Chase) is trying to decide what to do with this extra day off.  The skis remain on the car, getting pummeled by rain, the trampoline remains unused and the flat whites are gaining appeal by the nano second. A trip to Queenstown seems to be an order: bowling, some early Christmas shopping and a refuel stop at Fergburger.

Until next time.