Dear Failure, Thank You.


Dear Failure, Thank you.

Thank you, failure, for giving me the opportunity to truly find my potential. Thank you for exposing me to my most vulnerable side, so that I could make it stronger.  Thank you for breaking me down so I could build myself up. Thanks for providing that different angle of light which makes ordinary things seem special and more beautiful, like the golden hour, when the sun begins to set, in its sad and predictable way, offering one last moment of brilliance before all goes dark.

Failure, thank you. For tearing my heart out, for making me acutely aware of my humanity, humility, and mortality. Thank you for allowing me to feel pain and learn that I could transcend it, to expose me to my greatest fear and see that I could survive it. Thank you, failure, for making me more empathetic, kinetic and athletic. More than anything, failure, thank you for showing me that the world is imperfect and so am I, but that’s no reason not to try.